City Exploration and the Sagrada Familia

Friday it rained all day. It was perfect for a day dedicated to museums!
I marked my maps with the top five museums I wanted to go to. I ended up going to three since my feet were in pain from all the walking I did by early evening. 8-9 hours of walking - amost everyday - will do that to you! But it was a good pain. I saw so much.
I went to the Picasso Musuem, the Museum of History of Barcelona, and the MEAM.
Unfortunately, no photos were allowed to be taken in the Picasso Museum. The museum is curated in a way that you see Picasso's early works from when he was 11 and throughout the rest of his life. You can identify the periods of tim, especially when he was experimenting (including the famous "Blue Period") and how/why he was inspired to start painting in a certain style. 
Going through this museum I felt inspired to start painting again. One of my favorite works I saw that I felt had a huge impact on me, was the Woman in a Mantilla.

The canvas was huge and on it's own…

Hola, Barcelona! My feet hurts.

Getting up at 4am on Wednesday was a struggle, especially if you kept waking up in the middle of then night thinking you missed the alarm. But I made it and had breakfast prepared by the late night desk host before the airport transport picked me up and dropped me off at the airport. I was feeling thankful that this time I had a direct flight, from Mykonos to Barcelona.
I got into Barcelona just before 9am. I took the airport bus to Pla├ža de Catalunya. I was debating if I wanted to get a taxi but worried I might not have enough remaining euros leftover from Mykonos. I wasn't sure about the metro system yet so I didn't want to risk it.
It was a nice day and I was getting excited to be back in a city! Baracelona was huge and diverse and crowded (but not so crowded that it was cramped) and noisy - it felt good. 
So I walked instead. It took me 35 minutes to get to the hostel - "Barcelona & You". At first, it felt far removed from anything but I come to later learn the …